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Our community has suffered from high unemployment for years, and the pandemic only worsened the poverty in our district. We need to reinvest in structural programs that will support small businesses, workforce development, and career opportunities for young people.

John's Goals:

  • True partnership and community investment from anchor institutions such as Fordham University, New York Botanical Garden, The Bronx Zoo, and St. Barnabas Hospital. 

  • Double funding for Workforce 1 Centers in The Bronx to help people gain employment, especially in high-impact and growth industries.

  • Partnering with labor and non-profits to fund worker training, direct entry, and apprenticeship programs.

  • Invest in nonprofits that provide career-oriented technology trainings to Bronx residents such as web development and computer science so they can earn more and work from home.

  • Promoting more housing construction to provide more construction jobs.

  • Collaborate with the Fordham Foundry to connect local entrepreneurs with students for new business creation.

  • Hosting free monthly financial literacy workshops.

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