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Our city’s coronavirus-induced education crisis has deepend many long standing inequalities in our city’s schools. Less than half New York City students read at grade level which is unacceptable. Our students lack the technology and skills-based learning they need to excel, and families are stretched too thin to support them. We need innovative solutions.

John's Goals:

  • Provide free year-round home internet for all families whose students receive free lunch by investing in mesh networks and hotspots.

  • Launch a tutoring service connecting our primary and secondary students with CUNY students to ensure students receive quality 1:1 academic support while providing jobs to college students and recent graduates.

  • Begin dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline by removing metal detectors from our high schools such as Roosevelt High School.

  • Standardize phonics instruction so every student enters schools with the same core set of skills.

  • Use discretionary spending to provide additional music, arts, and culture opportunities for youth especially through community assets such as The Bronx River, New York Botanical Garden, and The Bronx Zoo.

  • Host monthly community civics workshops and town halls on NYC government and seek resident ideas year round for new initiatives.

  • Establish a paid NYC Council academic internship program modeled after the NYS Assembly’s program.

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