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The MTA is the rose of New York City, but Albany has let the MTA wither years of disinvestment. The MTA is now facing billions of dollars in cuts which will be decided by bureaucrats in Albany instead of New York City residents. We need a transportation system that works for everyone and is fully controlled by our city.

John's Goals:

  • Municipal control of the MTA, so our city can finally control our most vital asset.

  • Build deck parks over portions of the Cross Bronx Expressway to reduce air pollution and improve health. The Cross Bronx Expressway is a major factor that contributes to The Bronx’s high rates of pediatric asthma. This would also be a step in correcting the inequities created by this asthmaway’s construction that has blighted our community since the 1970s.

  • Make the center lanes of The Grand Concourse open to pedestrians.

  • Expand New York’s open streets program  to create new public space for Bronx residents and to help local businesses similar to the Piazza di Belmont on Arthur Ave.

  • Sponsor legislation to establish Parking Benefit Districts so parking revenue is kept in the community for improvements.

  • Expand busways to improve Bronx bus service, specifically the BX15 line on Third Avenue since our borough never received a suitable replacement after the decommissioning of the Third Ave elevated train line.

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